Camp++, the sixth H.A.C.K. camp


If you'd like to watch all the videos, there's a YouTube playlist.

  • Backups (occasionally…) (MacLemon)
  • Building a Damned Good Watch (Travis Goodspeed)
  • Explain Ethereum Smart Contract hacking like I am five (Z)
  • Hacking in Video Games (Houruck)
  • Hamnet (OE2LSP)
  • High-performance web application fingerprinting (dnet)
  • Modern cryptographic password and authentication methods (stf)
  • Security Safari in b0rkenLand (Hetti)
  • be your own weatherperson (luto, ripper)


  1. Black Hat USA 2015 Red vs Blue Active Directory Attack & Defense Talk Detail
  2. Ruby ERB Template Injection - TrustedSec
  3. NickstaDB/BaRMIe: Java RMI enumeration and attack tool.
  4. Removing Backdoors – Powershell Empire Edition
  5. New lateral movement techniques abuse DCOM technology