GitHub - Dappub/fairdicegame: open-sourced, rig-resistant and verifiably fair dice game

Satoshi says “let there be fairness”, and there is blockchain.

God says “show me the code”, and here is the “FairDice”.

We are glad to see more and more interesting EOS dice games popping up in the EOS community. These blockchain-powered dice games have great advantages over those traditional centralized online casinos which could rig the game sneakingly. But most of the EOS dice games are not open sourced nor rig resistant, still leaving inapparent potential backdoors for rigged betting, which is risky and could be largely improved.

FairDice: the missing EOS dice game you dream of

We released this open-sourced EOS “FairDice” for those who wish for a more fair EOS dice game and it is very likely to be the best EOS dice game you have ever played. FairDice is the 1st open-sourced, rig-resistant and verifiably fair dice game in the EOS world.

  • Open-sourced smart contract

The dicing process is fully controlled by the open-sourced EOS smart-contract (fairdicegame) to ensure maximum transparency and all players could check the code themselves. Please refer to Github repo for interested detailed implementation.

  • Rig-resistant design

We design a complex solution including a series of technical measures (e.g, a secure random function) to make sure the game is unbiased. The system and contract owner are not able to control the outcome of a bet or gain any advantage over other players.

  • Verifiably fair

The FairDice game deployed on the EOS main-net is exactly the one we complied from our open-sourced smart contract. Ordinary players are not able to cheat in the game, but they could verify the fairness of the process and final outcome after each round themselves.

  • Fast and low minimum bet (0.1EOS)

Based on our efficient contract implementation, the whole process is executed within a flash. You will see the instant outcome of each bet immediately. If you win the bet, the smart contract will send your winning EOS back to your account at once. The minimum bet is only 0.1 EOS. Both shrimps and whales could give it a shot.

How to play

Betting on FairDice is very simple.

  • Get the “Scatter” wallet installed in your browser (Chrome/Firefox).

FairDice supports the popular browser-based Scatter wallet and we offer instant EOS withdrawal and deposit.

  • Prepare an available EOS account that has at least 0.1 EOS.

If you don’t have an EOS account yet, we recommend you using the DApp “signupeoseos” to register your first EOS account. It is a frequent used EOS DApp we developed to help users create EOS accounts easily. And it has already been integrated in many popular mobile wallets (“Token Pocket”, “”) as a widely used underlying EOS smart contract.

  • Set your “BET AMOUNT”.

This is the amount of EOS you will be wagering.

  • Adjust the slider to change your chance of winning.
  • Click “ROLL DICE” to place your bet.

If your number is lower than your “ROLL UNDER TO WIN” number, you win! If you get a notice that your transaction failed, please check that you have enough CPU & bandwidth to make the transaction! You can view your EOS balance next to the “ROLL DICE” button. The table below the slider bar shows recent bets from all players across the world.

Life is like a box of EOS and nobody knows how much EOS you would get in return. Mind your own risk and enjoy the game!

Contact us

If you have any feedback or question regarding rules or source code, please feel free to reach us.

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