GitHub - sophiabiancalatessa/FakeNewsDeepLearning

This is the code to reproduce the results in the paper:

"The Language of Fake News: Opening the Black-Box of Deep Learning Based Detectors", O'Brien et al. (2018)

  1. Pre-requisites: Python3 + packages: nltk, numpy, sklearn, Tensorflow (tested in version 1.12.0rc0)

  2. Download and ungzip GoogleNews-vectors-negative300.bin.gz. Save the uncompressed GoogleNews-vectors-negative300.bin in the root directory of the repository (same directory as You can get the file here:

  3. Run pattern removal script,

  1. Train the Neural Network: (experiment could be either Trump or all)
python --experiment=Trump

Stop the training when the validation accuracy does not increase anymore. The validation accuracy is displayed every 100 training steps. A directory in 'run' that cointains the network parameters is created.

  1. Test the Neural Network
python --experiment=Trump
  1. Get the most relevant patterns for each article:
python --experiment=Trump
  1. Display the most relevant patters accross all the dataset by parts of speech:
python --experiment=Trump
  1. We obtained the following patterns:

Frequent patterns useful in fake and real news

The dataset consists on the Fake News Dataset by Kaggle collected by the BS detector (7,401 articles) + articles collected from "The Guardian" and "The New York Times" (8,999 articles).

In the data directory it can be found:

  • data/raw: the original articles

  • data/processed: the articles after removing words that are not in the English dictionary via PyEnchant

  • data/clean: the articles after cleaning advertisements and announcements, punctuation, etc. This is the data before going to the detector.


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